You Don't Need Complicated Equipment To Be A Great Cook!

Image/ Tookapic


Who doesn't love a delicious meal? There isn't a person alive who doesn't love getting to sit down and tuck into some seriously tasty food. However, that doesn't mean that everyone is quite so interested in actually making it. For every person who loves to eat good food, less than half of those people actually the time and effort that goes into getting it onto a plate. However, it hardly takes a genius to work out that you probably aren't going to be able to rely on someone else to cook your meals every single day for your entire life. Because of that, it only makes sense that you take the time to learn how to cook your own meals. Not only that but cooking can actually be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding things that you can do. If you think a delicious meal is good, just think about how much better it's going to taste when you can say that you made it yourself from scratch. 

One of the main reasons that a lot of people find themselves not wanting to cook their own meals is that it seems kind of intimidating for them. This is a pretty understandable attitude since people often see chefs doing things that look incredibly complicated and advanced. But, as with anything else, if you start slow you will find that most of the different aspects of cooking are a lot simpler than you might think. One of the most common barriers to a lot of people find to embracing cooking is the amount of equipment that they think they need.

If you want to start cooking, then you're going to need some equipment. There are plenty of places that will tell you what the most important pieces of kitchen equipment are but the problem is that many of those lists include stuff that it not only expensive but isn't even that necessary. If you're just getting started on your journey to becoming an amazing chef, then you don't need blenders, food processors or any other expensive and complicated equipment. Here are the things that every single kitchen novice needs right from the start.

  • A selection of sharp knives. Without a decent set of knives, you're never going to be able to make anything! The most important is a chef's knife since it's the most versatile and useful of them all. But if you want to branch out then a bread knife, a carving knife, and a paring knife are all good options as well.
  • Pans. A decent sized saucepan, a frying pan, and a casserole for stews are all you really need at the start. You will want to find some non-toxic cookware wherever possible if you're trying to cook the healthiest food possible. Stoneware pans are a great option if this is a major concern for you.   
  • A roasting tray. Either glass or ceramic is fine. Make sure that it's big enough to handle any decent sized roast, but also that it actually fits in your oven!
  • Chopping boards. Get a couple of different sizes, and it's a good idea to have a separate one for things like raw meat. Many chopping boards come in different colors so you can easily tell which is which and don't end up getting mixed up.
  • Measuring equipment. Get a set of kitchen scales and a measuring cup. That's pretty much all you need at first. Anything else that needs measuring can be done with spoons and cups. Cooking is more of an art than a science so don't worry too much about getting all of the measurements exactly right all of the time.


And that's it! You could probably get started making just about any meal that you can think of just with these simple pieces of equipment. Sure, you'll be able to add things to it over time and build up your arsenal. But when you're first starting out, these really are all you need. Then you just need to find yourself some recipes that you like the sound of and get started. Before you know it, you'll be experimenting with different ingredients and methods of cooking, and you might even start creating your own entirely unique recipes.

Anyone who thinks that they can't cook, or that it's going to be too complicated simply has the wrong idea about what makes cooking so wonderful. As you can see, the list of stuff that you need is so small that just about anyone can get started cooking some truly fantastic food in no time!