Machine-Led: Looking After Your Equipment

Image/ Unsplash


A massive priority is keeping your farming equipment up to a high standard. If you look after it, it will look after you and your farming business. Properly maintained equipment will mean a lot less investment in buying new machines because of a breakdown, and it will also mean much less stress! We all know the impact of one broken machine on the impact of workload, so here is how to keep on top of your machinery, so the cost of repair doesn’t get on top of you!

Check The Machinery As Soon As You’ve Purchased It

Have you bought it from a reputable seller? Do you have multiple people using the machinery? It’s in your best interests to make sure the machine is fit for purpose right off the bat. It might sound somewhat primitive, but if you have many people using the equipment, they will need adequate training up in the basics and complexities of everything. 

Constant Checks

Machinery is reliant on regular checkups and constant lubrication. Check for wear and tear or excess oil, as these are signs that the machinery isn’t operating as good as it should. Make sure you use the right lubricants according to the factory specifications. The lubrication is a good way to determine if there is a problem with large machinery.    

Proper Housing Of The Equipment

Storage of the machinery in an environment that is not too cold or too hot will contribute to the longevity of the equipment. Storing them in a shed or building will keep them sheltered away from the elements, preventing rust and decay. If you are storing them outside under a sheet, it’s advisable to build somewhere to keep the equipment. The storage space doesn’t have to be expensive and sophisticated. You can make the most of a wood frame construction setup, it’s cheaper and far sturdier than metal. It can be built in a short timescale, and as far as materials are concerned, it is easier on your wallet. With a proper space to house your equipment, you can do the checks in a secure and clean environment, and give the machinery the necessary time required to fix any small issues.

Maintain Equipment On A Schedule

With the day to day tasks of running a farm, you can be forgiven for overlooking the importance of maintaining your machinery. But, as we've established, the checkups are the key part of maintenance. How do we make sure we keep this up? By making a regular schedule for checkups. The fluids, electrics, and tires are all essential, so you need to do things like test the oil, check the gears, run torque checks on the nuts and bolts. These little and invisible aspects are so important to the safety of you and the machinery. The other thing to do is to keep good records. A haphazard filing system when you have a lot of equipment to maintain is a major headache, so keep your records in order, and it’ll make life so much easier.