Living Off The Grid: The Best Ways To Generate Power At Home

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No, we’re not talking about ditching credit cards and going to live in a shack in India. This isn’t a Jason Bourne novel! In this post, we’re going to look at how to generate power without using the traditional grid method. Let’s face it – private energy companies are going too far. Nowadays, the cost of energy is more expensive than the monthly mortgage payments, and that is saying something. The only way to make a difference to the planet and your bank balance is to get off the grid. But, which option should you choose once you’re off the grid? Here are the pros and cons of the four best methods available to the average homeowner.

Solar Power

Of course, the chief method most people think of is solar energy. However, it isn’t as easy as installing a host of panels on the roof and hooking it up to the mains. Firstly, it’s important to know about the strengths and weaknesses. For example, solar is probably the most powerful and practical option as it produces the most electricity. And, because there aren’t any moving parts as such, it’s easy to maintain as repairs aren’t an issue. But, it does depend on the sun, so cloudy areas won’t maximise the sun’s rays as effectively. Plus, it’s expensive. To get your money’s worth, resources like SolarCity reviews are beneficial as they put the companies in the spotlight. Solar power is a good start, but let’s move on and see what else Mother Nature has to offer.

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Wind Turbine

Another favourite is wind power, especially if the sun doesn’t always shine on your home. In most cases, there will always be a breeze regardless of the temperature so a turbine will be in constant motion. Often, this is enough to produce a steady flow of energy that can power an average house. In fact, people that harness wind power have been known to sell the power back to the grid at a profit. Quite simply, it’s a money spinner as well as a turbine one. The major minus is the need for a sizeable chunk of land. Anyone with a small plot isn’t going to be able to fit a turbine of any significance. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you need a big plot of land if you plan on making a significant difference.


The final energy option to contemplate is hydropower. Hydroelectric energy is one of the best and most efficient renewable energy sources off the grid. All it takes is a small flow of water over a turbine and the power springs into life. Plus, because it occurs naturally, there is no need to spend a fortune on panels or a turbine. Sadly, this option isn’t available to those that don’t have a water source flowing throughout their property. Hydro centres on luck, and if you don’t have any, there is no point considering an investment.

The conclusion: one method won’t be enough. However, a few of the above in conjunction with one another should hit the spot.