DIY Pallet Benches

I stumbled last year upon a DIY webpage that had plans for a bunch of different furniture all made from wood pallets. I instantly decided that I would start making things. Right before I came to Better Farm I constructed a poorly designed bed frame from pallets because I had no idea what I was doing and didn’t have the right tools. After learning a few things here at Better Farm, I was ready to try again; this time, with benches. I found the perfect pallet and grabbed some extra 2x4s that had been pulled off of other pallets that we were using for the sauna.

I took a circular saw and cut the pallet at the edge of the middle board so that I now had two separate pieces. From there I took a 2x4 and reconnected the boards that had just been cut with nails so I had two skinny pallets which would be used for the seat of the bench. I filled in the ends of each pallet with a 2x4 that had been cut to size so that I had a rectangular frame on the bottom.

The 2x4s were all roughly 36 inches in length so I cut 8 legs from them that measured roughly 18 inches. Each bench has four legs, which I attached in the corners after making sure they were square. I then attached a scrap piece at the ends of the benches on the legs for a little bit of extra support. The benches were made in about 2 hours and it was pretty simple.
To keep them looking rustic I gave them a light sanding and put some polyurethane on them. The first bench was more of a prototype so I just put it together without taking note of the writing that was on the pallets. The second time around I made a point to put the writing on the outside to give the bench more of a handmade look. It was a great project that anyone can do and I can’t wait to make more.