Ingredients for a Rainwater Catchment System: The final installment

By Elizabeth Musoke

It felt like Christmas came early this year, as the last screw tightened the downspout into place. We are proud to announce that the rainwater catchment system is up and running! We have never been so excited for it to rain. A special thanks goes out to Mark Huyser for his construction expertise and skills.

Here's how it all went down:

After we traced an outline for the opening, four holes were drilled at each corner, to allow the jigsaw (pictured above) to maneuver around the outline. 

The opening for the downspout.

Cinder blocks were used as a platform to raise the barrel off the ground and provide a stable setting for the barrel.

Soon Kai and Mark placing the spigot in the barrel.

A 3/4 inch hole was drilled into the barrel. The spigot was placed through the hole and reinforced by metal washers, rubber gaskets, and finally tightened by a bolt. The downspout was placed in the opening and insect screens were placed around the opening  to prevent mosquitoes and debris from entering the barrel. 

Et, Voila! 

So now, we have a working rainwater catchment system that can be used to supplement the watering needs of the greenhouse and the garden!  Well done, Team Better Farm!