And When the Sky Was Opened...

By Elizabeth Musoke

So, the rain came down pretty hard yesterday afternoon. I was sitting in the house and I peered out of the window. I noticed that the barrel looked a shade darker than it normally did. I thought to myself, "No, way! Could we have collected that much water from one rain shower!?" I rushed downstairs to check it out.

From afar I thought I may have imagined it; maybe I was just seeing what I wanted to see...

But upon closer inspection, the water level in the barrel was just above the 12-gallon mark!

Turning the spigot, I let the collected rainwater run through my fingers.

For a small structure with a roof that is pretty steep, and thus has less of a surface area to capture rainwater, I thought this was quite the feat! This water can immediately be utilized for the garden and the greenhouse.

Think of the impact we could have if we all considered having some form of rainwater harvesting on our properties. The Birdhouse collected 12 gallons (from just one side of the roof)—imagine how much your roof could possibly collect (click here to find out!).