Local News Network Features Artist-in-Residence Jessie Vogel

A gallery opening celebrating the work of betterArts resident Jessie Vogel is slated for 6-8 p.m. Friday, Aug. 5, at Better Farm's Art Barn in Redwood. The video clip above shows a preview of that show, as well as an interview with the artist herself. Thanks to MyABC50.com for such a great piece!
A hammock-swing Jessie created on the second floor of Better Farm's Art Barn
Here's Jessie's artist statement:
The inspiration for most of my work comes from my love of textures and the tactile abilities of various mediums. I like using the sense of touch or relating to it, to harness memories and emotions that are personal and fundamental. Memories of loss, feelings of loneliness, and pure frivolity are three of my favorite themes to work into my concepts. I find that the human condition often combines dark emotions with surprisingly light and comical ways in which to express them. The same is true for one of my favorite art forms, folklore. I am fascinated by the way children’s stories and other lore can be surprisingly dark and foreboding but we are left with light and fantastical memories of them. In my work there is the same combination of frivolous fun and serious undertones. At times I use different found materials, often with found and neglected clothing and fabric. My work tends to focus and heighten color. I think colorfulness and brightness can be used in an interesting way to go beyond the aesthetically pleasing. Color can be disturbing and intriguing and I want to explore all of those possibilities.
Hope to see you all at the show!

For more information or to RSVP, please contact (315) 482-2536 or e-mail info@betterarts.org.