By Joetta Maue

I have so enjoyed my time here at Better Farm and am happy with the amount of work I've gotten done, though I would have loved to have gotten more done of course. But I finished a red work, a text work, got a new red work well on its way, and four new drawings done.

And... I swam, I rode in a boat I saw baby birds, heard coyotes, met amazing people, took time to be with my son, saw incredible scenery and one of my favorite things... dried my laundry in the sun.

The process and idea of drying laundry in the sun is simply wonderful. I feel like in a strange way it is much like embroidery, slow, quiet, contemplative, and connects to so many women and lives of the past.

I loved seeing my clothes drying with t's and it would have been a complete family portrait if C's clothes were up there with us. Seeing their colors and textures flutter in the wind. T at my feet as I slowly hung each item one at a time, breathing in the air. Then gathering them up in a pile warm and clean. Simple things like this are what I miss out on in NYC. Simple things like this can be so lovely.