9 Surprising Benefits Of Using Artificial Grass For Your Lawn


Many homeowners are now discovering the beauty of using artificial grass for their lawn. The effect it brings to the entire yard makes the place look very neat and maintained at all times, adding points to the aesthetics of your garden. Artificial grass also has quality that doesn’t deteriorate as fast as actual live grass.

Here are some benefits of using artificial lawn:

1. It doesn’t require water

Maintaining a good lawn is usually associated with high consumption of water. Most especially in the dry and summer months, your yard can quickly become dry if you don’t supply enough water to keep the soil damp. Since some continents like Australia have dry climate, it is quite challenging to maintain a good lawn if you’re within the geographic area.

If water is a scarce commodity then it’s better to use artificial grass instead. You won’t have to worry about dying grass due to extreme dryness. Online sources like https://artificialgrassland.com.au/ can provide you with top quality artificial grass.

2. It doesn’t require too much maintenance

A well-maintained lawn should have grass length that isn’t longer than 2 inches, and usually, you need mowing services for your lawn as part of maintenance. If you switch to artificial grass, you don’t need to think about setting a budget for a lawn mower or mower service. You might want to check out Artificial Grass Land - Facebook on what grass types they have that will be a perfect fit for your yard.

3. It’s neat-looking at all times

You don’t need even to worry if there are wild grass growing that ruin the beauty of your lawn if you switch to artificial grass. Pulling weeds won’t be any of your concern anymore, making the most of your precious time to other activities in your home. An artificial grass lawn in your garden looks like it’s always properly taken care of. 


4. It’s pet-friendly

If you’re fur parents, you should be making the switch to go synthetic grass. You won’t have to worry about having trouble cleaning up their excretions. The base of artificial turf is structured like a net so liquids can easily pass through it. It’s also easier to clean and scoop out their dirt in synthetic grass compared to natural ones, since artificial lawn have outer layer made of plastic so dirt wouldn’t stick easily.

5. No harmful chemicals involved

Maybe a part of your lawn maintenance involves chemical treatment of your lawn to prevent wild grasses to grow. If you use artificial grass, you won’t be using harmful chemicals for your garden maintenance. Some treatments may contain chemicals that can be a potential health risk for you and your family.

6. It’s much safer for kids

If you’re worrying if the lawn might be contaminated with fertilizers or chemical treatments, artificial grass makes it safe for your kids to play and run around to it. Another feature of artificial grass is that it provides a better cushioning effect that natural ones since the structure is sturdy than natural grasses that feel fluffy.

7. It’s durable

Sometimes, you need to replenish your grass and do some minor replanting if you’re dealing with natural grass because some grass types have a shorter life span and die faster when subjected to unfavorable conditions. Artificial grass is more durable since it can withstand harsh environments like flooding, heat and extreme humidity.

You also don’t need to worry about the color wearing off due to exposure to sun rays; high-quality artificial grass is built with technology and made of durable materials that withstand the terrible effects of sun rays.

8. It’s good for shaded parts of your house

If you’re worrying that you won’t be able to grow grass in areas of your home that doesn’t receive enough light, you can achieve it by putting artificial turf. Getting enough sun to keep the grass healthy will be the least of your concern.

9. It prevents your place to get dusty

Since artificial grass lawn cover up the entire soil area of your yard like a carpet, it prevents your place to get muddy and dusty during the rainy or dry, windy days. Most especially if the soil in your place have sandy texture, natural grass will not grow well. So artificial grass is your perfect choice.

Final thoughts:

Switching to artificial grass has a lot of more benefits compared to natural grass. Especially if you want a better-looking lawn, but the conditions such as climate and water supply are not permissible to grow healthy grass, artificial grass will still help you achieve a well- maintained lawn with less time and effort.