3 Ways to Help You Go Green

We are at a point where our ice caps are melting, animals are having their habitats destroyed, and landfills are growing. This generally tends to upset a lot of us, because we know that the planet is dying. However, it isn’t too late for you to make a change to the way you live and help to better the planet.

Keen to lead a more eco-friendly life? Here are a few tips to help you go green and do your part for the planet!

Grow your own foods or use a local farmer

Because we buy our foods from supermarkets we are increasing the amount that we need to have shipped in from overseas for them to sell, this means that is increasing the amount of travel used to transport our food. In turn, this increases their carbon footprint and pollutes the atmosphere leading to an impact on global warming.

If you grow your own fruit and veg or go to your local farmers market or farm shop to purchase your food you will then decrease the demand for certain products in supermarkets, therefore, reversing the above scenario. You may only make a small impact but if you think about the amount you buy over a year, you can really help to make a larger impact, particuarly if you team up with friends and family and all buy local.

Decrease power usage

Decreasing the amount of power you use in your home will decrease the amount of power the electric grid has to produce, this will then mean that less valuable resources are being used. If you make sure you turn off lights in rooms that you leave unoccupied and ensure you don’t leave any devices in standby, you will be able to cut down the amount of power you are using. If you have a tumble dryer, reducing the amount you use it and line drying your clothes will help save on power. Basically you want to unplug and stop using power for things you aren’t using at that time.

As well as decreasing your power usage, you could even switch to greener energy such as solar power, this is done by fitting solar panels to the roof of your house which will absorb UV rays to create energy. You then use this to power your home and anything you don’t need will go back into the power grid, so instead of receiving a bill for your power each month you will receive a payout from your energy provider in the area for putting back into the grid, so solar panels are looked at as more as an investment. You can get loads of great information on different websites such as www.earthyb.com/. Believe it or not, swapping to renewable power sources is not overly expensive, it can actually be affordable, if you’re smart about how you go about itl.


The main thing that most households already do is recycling. Recycling helps to reduce the amount of stuff going to landfill which is harming animals and their habitats. Landfills will not go away they are there now for the foreseeable future because many things within them will not biodegrade. If we don’t reduce landfill then most of our beautiful countrysides will be landfill and that won’t be good for anyone. While some countries burn landfill waste, this creates pollution, which is even more harmfull.

Going green is not only great for the planet but also your pocket, if you're growing your own veg and reducing your power usage, you will find that your finances are in a far healthier shape.