Finding New Income Streams on Your Farm

Most farmers make their income from growing crops and rearing animals. However, we are now in the 21st Century, and sometimes you have to think outside of the box if you want to support your family. The entire farming industry has taken a hit during the last few years, and so lots of people out there are trying to find ways of boosting their earnings. There are some ideas on this page that you might like to consider depending on your situation at the moment. You have nothing to lose by reading about some of them today, and hopefully, these suggestions will point you in the right direction. Your farm has a lot more potential than you probably realize right now, but that should change within the next couple of minutes.

Consider selling fresh water

Lots of people who own land have no idea whether or not they are sitting on top of a freshwater source. There is only one way to find out, and that involves paying a specialist company to come to your farm and run some tests. The experts will take a look at the land and work out where they are most likely to find water. They will then drill in those areas, and use a well packer or two to ensure any springs do not flood your farm. If someone finds water; you could start to bottle it and sell it on your farm. The same people who come and purchase free-range meat from you and organic vegetables are sure to pay a little extra for the cleanest and freshest water in town.

Of course, you need to know what you’re selling, and so you will also have to pay for sample testing before you can bottle the stuff and place it on the shelves in your farm shop.

Start growing popular fruit


If you have a couple of fields you do not use at the moment, there is a chance you are missing a trick. Families will come from far and wide to pick fruits like strawberries and raspberries each summer. So, maybe you could earn some extra income by planting the most appealing fruits and opening your farm up to the public? Ask visitors to pay a small fee for picking on your land, and then charge a flat amount per bucket of fruit they collect. The families get a fantastic deal, and they also have a worthwhile bonding experience with their kids. You get to make use of that extra field, and you make a tidy profit too! Wait. Are there any downsides to this idea at all? It would seem not.


Run a reindeer experience at Christmas

Parents pay a lot of money each Christmas to take their children to see Santa. As a farm owner, it is possible that you could create a better experience than any shopping centers or places where kids go these days. If you decided to keep some reindeer on your farm; people would come from far and wide during the holiday season to spend time with them. Create a new Santa’s grotto each year, and run workshops that help the little ones to make Christmas cards or something similar. Your farm will become a magical place full of smiles and fun for a couple of months each year if you do that. Also, your kids are pretty much guaranteed to love having Santa and his sleigh just outside their bedroom windows.

Build a cottage and rent it out


If you want to do something that will continue to provide you with income for many years; you might consider choosing an area of land on your farm and building a holiday cottage or small house. You can then rent that out to any couples or families who inquire. People tend to pay through the nose when it comes to cottage rentals in beautiful areas. However, lots of people also rent accommodation in the middle of nowhere because they like to remove themselves from the stresses of modern life. So, regardless of where your farm is located, there is lots of potential to earn a fortune in rental fees. You will have to make a substantial investment during the early stages, but that spending should pay for itself.

The new income streams mentioned in this post are just the tip of the iceberg. There are thousands of ways in which you could make some extra money from your land if you think outside of the box and conduct a lot of online research. If you’re reaching the point where you might have to sell a field to sustain your family; you have no time to waste. Start implementing some of these ideas or similar ones as soon as possible!