'Consumed' Art Installation Slated Aug. 7

Visiting New York City photographer Jodie Taylor will present a photo installation called “Consumed” at Better Farm's Art Barn in Redwood from 5-7 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 7.

Consumed is a visual documentary project of waste in America.

Consumption is synonymous with western culture; desires are sold as needs and the convenience of new is irresistible. The average American produces 4.4 pounds of trash every single day, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. The global average is almost half of this. For many people, thinking about the impacts of their own consumption may not be a priority. However what we consume—and leave behind—affects every being on the planet.

Most often, overconsumption impacts the most vulnerable first.

Taylor’s photographs are a mix of waste-landscapes and abstractions. Through these images, the artist intends to make people feel and reflect upon their own consumption and consider what actions can be taken to reduce the problem.

Taylor is visiting Better Farm during the month of August as part of the betterArts Residency Program. betterArts offers a residency program to writers, performers, musicians and visual artists out of its location at Better Farm, a 65-acre sustainability campus nestled. Residencies are designed to offer artists of every discipline space and time to work on specific projects; whether a series of paintings, a composition, book, set of sculptures, or album.

Taylor is currently based in Brooklyn, N.Y., but was raised in Australia. She is a recent graduate of the International Center of Photography's Documentary Program. She is passionate and concerned about the environment and issues of sustainability. After working over a decade in the financial services industry, Taylor made the career change to photography as she felt compelled to be a voice calling for action to address environmental issues. Her primary goal is to produce visual stories for education and advocacy.

In addition to her Consumed installation, Taylor will spend the month of August compiling documentary footage of Better Farm, as well as working on additional projects. She will have another show of that work in late August.

Following her residency, Taylor in September will be relocating to Stuttgart, Germany.

Learn more about the artist at www.jctphotos.com. To find out more about the betterArts residency program, visit www.betterarts.org. Better Farm's Art Barn is located at 31060 Cottage Hill Road in Redwood, N.Y.