Here's What Matters to Your Consumers

As a farmer, you're a business selling a product. You might sell directly to your customers, or you might sell your products through supermarkets, stores, and suppliers. But however you sell your products, you need to make sure you give consumers what they want. These are some of the things they care about most.


Any customer cares about how much something costs - even the rich ones. Your product doesn't have to be priced as cheaply as possible, but people want to feel like they're getting value for their money. So your products need to be priced to match what you're delivering.

The Environment

The environment is becoming an increasing concern for many people, not just in relation to farms but for all businesses. There's more pressure on businesses to be environmentally friendly and to make an effort to mitigate their impact on the planet. So you should think about how you can make your business greener.

Tasty Food

Of course, people want their food to taste good. Delivering delicious food to your customers needs to be a priority, so it's important to keep standards up. It can also be useful to help educate your consumers on how to use your products. Offer them ideas and maybe even products made with your raw produce.

Healthy Food

Healthy food is important to many people too, from fitness enthusiasts to parents. More people are beginning to pay attention to how food is produced, and particularly to whether pesticides and other substances are used.