Why You Should Be Planting Trees On Your Land

The idea of planting trees for a lot of farmers is a daunting one. You need to know exactly where to plant them, what machinery that may be needed, and how to manage them. But it really doesn't have to be as complicated as people make it, and in fact, your farm, as well as yourself, could benefit a whole lot from having trees.

Here's how.

Manages soil and reduces erosion

Soil erosion is every farmer's nightmare. This is because it can reduce the long-term fertility by taking out all of the good, rich nutrients. There is a lot more chance of this happening when there's heavy rainfall and strong winds - and unfortunately, you can't control either of these things. Planting trees in the most fragile spots, on the other hand, will work as a natural barrier that will protect your crops and the soil they're in.

Improves animal welfare

If you have farm animals, then they are exposed to any bad weather until you lock them up in their shelters, but during the day it's not always that simple. By having trees, they will be able to gather underneath them when the rainy days arrive, and this could actually save their lives, such as sheep and their lambs. While poultry will be encouraged to range more because they have more areas to take cover if ever they feel in danger.

More energy efficiency

When the winter time comes and you like to have a fire in the living room, you will no longer have to go out and buy firewood - you can just go and collect your own. All you need is an axe, a hacksaw, and a chainsaw and you will be able to cut off exactly what you need. You can find the best tools here. - Woodchips can be salvaged too and used as bedding for your animals.

Water management

Even with just a few new trees, you can greatly increase the water infiltration. That means that the runoff from surface water is reduced, so the amount of rainwater that adds to streams and rivers are slowed down. This is very good because not only does it help to manage the water, but it will also help prevent any risk of flooding which can be a real danger to your crops - especially your animals.

Provides habitat for pollinators

Everyone knows that we need our bees, and sadly they're dying at an increased rate which has been happening over the past few years. One of the reasons for this is that they don't have any suitable places left to use as a home. This means the pollination cycle just can't happen, and that's not good for them - or for us.

With the help of trees, they provide shelter over the wintertime, as well as nesting sites and pollen from nectar sources that are there throughout the year.

So now you can see all the benefits to planting trees on your farm, you really should consider it. It doesn't take that much work, and the advantages are just too good to pass up.

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