4 Must-Have Kitchen Appliances for a Healthy Lifestyle



Healthy living can be a difficult task when you aren’t interested in the kitchen. You might hate cooking or you might find that you never have the rights tools and appliances to follow a delicious looking recipe that your friend gave you. In most cases, this will just lead to unhealthy habits, such as using the microwave or cooking oven meals for convenience. However, as convenient as a traditional microwave and oven can be, there are plenty of other kitchen appliances you can use to promote a healthy lifestyle.


Blenders are incredibly important in healthy living. Blenders can create juices from just about any fruit or vegetable you can think of, and they’re perfect for creating filling and tasty soups. They can sometimes be difficult to clean, but they give you a lot more options when it comes to recipes. Most blenders will do the job fine, but if you want to chop up tougher things like meat, then you’ll need a food processor instead. If you prefer to mix juices, then you might want to get a juice mixer instead. However, most blenders are good for a variety of tools and some even have interchangeable blades.


The healthiest way to eat vegetables (outside of raw) is to steam them. A steamer is a fantastic little contraption that will help you cook vegetables perfectly every time. You can get standalone appliances that work similarly to rice cookers, or you can opt for smaller ones that work inside microwaves or can be placed inside of a pot. If you eat a lot of vegetables, then it’s recommended to get a standalone steamer so you can cook large batches of vegetables. They can even be used to cook meats and rice as well for healthier meals for the whole family.


Kitchen mixers are the tool of choice for many home cooks. This miracle appliance literally saved the day for one blogger because of how easy it is to use and how many uses it has in the kitchen. For instance, we all have a craving for sweet things now and then and that’s why it’s far better to make your own so you can control the sugar content inside of each one. Instead of going out to buy expensive store cakes that are loaded with bad stuff, learn to make your own so you can control the calorie content.


To many, a spiralizer is a silly tool that isn’t needed. For others, it opens up so many possibilities during mealtime that you’ll find a new love for vegetables. A spiralizer is simple; it shaves your vegetables so thinly and finely that they turn into strips that are similar to spaghetti. This makes them the perfect replacement for carb-heavy pasta and noodle dishes. Spiralizers are very cheap and they’re usually made from plastic. Depending on how much you use them, you might need to replace the blades quite often, but this is easily fixed. High-quality spiralizers will last longer and have a more attractive look if you’re concerned about the aesthetics.