Making The Most Of Produce In Summer

Image/ jill111


In the world of farming, organic produce is an incredibly trendy commodity. More people than ever want to know exactly where their meat and vegetables are coming from. Everyone pays a trip to the farmer's markets to get their locally sourced meat or full-fat milk from reputable cow sources. Not only are people expressing their interest in the locally sourced produce, but the health benefits of grass-fed butter and full-fat items instead of the processed, 5% fat foods that are increasingly being held up as the reason the western world is overweight. Everyone is now looking to the farming communities to bring us the best produce. So, the summer months when everyone is itching to get a barbecue going, you can certainly make the most of the organic produce to make an amazing summer feast, from breakfast to your evening meal.

Breakfast In A Bun

Getting your energy to work on the farm all day means you need a great morning meal. So get this down you…

  • One sausage (sliced down the middle)

  • Two rashers of bacon

  • One egg (sunny side up)

  • Mushrooms sautéed in garlic butter (garlic optional)

  • Ketchup

Put in a tasty bread roll and have with your favorite cup of coffee. When you bite into the egg and the yolk splits, your bun will taste sublime! The great thing about making the most of the outdoors in the summer is all the grilling you can do. All the meat can be cooked on a pellet grill, which you can check out at, and will give you that smoky flavor which won't leave your mouth! Tasty!

A Fishy Lunch – Fish in Seaweed Butter

Simple and effective, fish isn’t to everyone’s taste (which is a shame), but this meal will help you make the most of your fishmongers if you live near the sea.

  • Choice of fish – I use kippers (tinned is fine)

  • Butter – about 100g

  • Organic seaweed

In a pot, melt the butter and toss in the fish. Cover the fish with the butter and sprinkle in the seaweed. Add salt and pepper to taste, and that’s it! It takes five minutes and gets some bread to mop up the butter. You can add prawns or cockles to the dish to add more fishiness. This is quick, tasty, and so healthy! The seaweed butter gives you the taste of the sea, and the fish is so flavorsome you'll eat it up within a minute!

Burger Dinner!

Back to the barbecue. Get your best fillets of beef and grill with some onions or garlic. Take some leftover cooked bacon from breakfast (if there was any left) and sprinkle on your burger once cooked. Add some cheddar and pile up in a burger bun. Ketchup is optional, but you can make your own burger sauce with equal parts ketchup and mustard to give it a real zing. Use some of your carrots, red cabbage, and make some mayonnaise to make a slaw. Organic produce is exciting, and you can make a whole day of it!