Items That Any Farmer Worth Their Salt Should Implement In Their Daily Life

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Farming is a tough gig. The early morning alarms, the unexpected eventualities with crops and livestock, and contending with harsh weather conditions would scare off even the most seasoned inner-city dweller. However, farmers have arguably higher qualities of lives and deeper job satisfaction than most people. Because of the hours required in maintaining a farm effectively, the farmer's life is one that has less of a dividing line between life and career.

It’s for this reason that farmers should be immensely proud of their work. It is the most necessary one in our society, after all. However, let’s say you’re a new farmer and want to squeeze the most profit, reliability and ethical practice amongst your farming operations.

What items do you need?

Well, this list is here to help you.

A Great Pair of Boots

Much like a soldier, a farmer can expect to be on their feet all day, and traverse a variety of geographical setups. Wading through the marshes or trekking down steep hills will become a daily occurrence for you, and this can be hard on your feet. Investing in both a great pair of hiking and wellington boots will allow you to walk the plains without any worry for your feet comfort or protection.

If your farm involves machinery, it would be wise to wear steel-toe capped boots in order to prevent nasty heavy or sharp falling objects from slicing or stabbing your feet. Safety is of paramount importance on a farm, especially considering the grueling hours of the job.

Adequate Fencing

Weaknesses in fencing is the number one reason livestock can escape their predesignated areas. Getting a call at 4am and being informed that the sheep have wandered a half mile into a neighboring village is a call that every farmer dreads, and every farmer inevitably gets. Taking the time to assess how sturdy, strong and reliable your fencing is will both allow you to prevent unauthorized access to your fields and stop the precious animals from getting out. The animals are what you’re making your money from, so it’s wise to ensure they can’t walk out on you. Well maintained fences can also stop foxes or other nuisance animals from disturbing your livestock also.

Farm Machinery And Maintenance Gear

For larger farms, investing in important agricultural machinery like combine harvesters can help you cover more working distance in a shorter timeframe. Stocking up on importance maintenance parts such as protective bellows to ensure protection for you and the machinery is also wise. Take a proactive approach to dealing with your gear, and the gear will look after you.

A Strong Work Ethic

Every farmer needs a strong work ethic, but a good farmer is also intelligent, caring, thoughtful and a great planner. Any farmer worth his salt can expect to make the farm their home and will take pride in doing so. It’s not an easy job, but it’s immensely worth it.

Good Auction House Relationships

If you farm there’s a likelihood you scour your local agricultural houses for the goods they might contain. Be that machinery, livestock or general farm maintenance equipment, you might gain access to items here for prices you couldn’t find elsewhere. You’ll also be able to form relationships with other farmers in the community and develop a strong and helpful bond that’s invaluable to any farmer.

All of these tips will ensure that you hold the prestigious title of ‘farmer’ in a worthy manner.