Agricultural Buildings Are A Vital Part Of Farm Success

Image/ Alexas_Fotos

Agriculture buildings are often quite different to commercial and private use ones. This is because they have a very clear purpose, and need to be constantly up to scratch to perform their function well. Otherwise, you are endangering your crops and animals. But what are the vital buildings every farm needs to flourish? Read on to find out.

The Farm House

OK, so you're probably being transported off into some historic idle here, of a quaint little cottage with roses round the door, and maybe even a thatched roof?  But it's not really about how the farmhouse looks by the purpose it fulfills.

Primarily, it's a base for the owners and employees that work on the farm. In fact, no one may live their full time at all.

It’s somewhere where they can sit down for a quick rest, which is essential if you are doing such a physically hard job as farming. It's also someone we where they can get a hot drink and meal. As well as put down a camp bed for a quick forty winks in lambing season.

Basically, it works as a home base for the farmers themselves, which is vital to the success of the farm.

The Stable

Stables aren't found on every farm, just the one with horses or donkeys. Stables are specially designed living quarters for our equine friends. Which keep them safe and warm, while giving them room to move about, and the ability to see what is going on around them.

Stables aren't always used all of the year round, as when the weather is fine the horses can run free in the fields for most of the day, and with a coat on, even overnight.

Although it's always a good idea to keep at least a few stalls mucked out and clean, ready for any horses that get sick or injured, are foaling or have behavior problems. So they need to be kept away from the others.

The Cow Shed

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The cow shed is another crucial agricultural building. It is unsurprising usually set up for cows! But even farm where they no longer have a dairy herd, they often keep these structures as they can be converted to vehicle shelter for tractors, combines, and rotavators.

But mainly, the cowshed is the place that the farmers bring in the animals to be milked. That usually means that each cow has their own space separated by steel bars to make it easier and safer to attach the milking equipment. Which can be very expensive.

Obviously, as cows are such large animals it can be easy for them to accidentally damage these pens and bars, and it's vital that the farmer takes the time to repair them. This usually means waiting until the cow is back out in the field and then using a welder to do any repair work that needs to happen.

It might seem funny, but us farmers have to be good at a wide variety of unexpected jobs like nursing sick animals, rebuilding the things and even welding! Luckily, it not to hard to pick which machine to use as you can get professional results with a welder from this list. Which will probably come in handy for other repairs and construction jobs around the farm as well.

The Pig Pen

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The pig pen is also an important agricultural building. Usually small and low with access to an inside and outside, pig pens are the perfect place for your porkers to reside.

Contrary to popular belief though, pigs are pretty clean and intelligent animals. Although they do love a roll in the cool mud like dogs!

That mean pig pens need to be kept as clean as possible with fresh bedding and access to thing to keep them amused like toys.

The Barn

Image/ ryanminion

Now, most farms will have a barn or two, whether they are dealing with crops or livestock. The barn is a vital building for many reasons. Firstly, it provides a dry place to store crops. Or hay to feed the animals with. It also provides shelter for animals that usually live out in the field when the weather is particularly bad.

But, as well as that it is often the place where expensive farming equipment and tools are kept to stop the weathering. That means it's important that you consider security for your barn, so no one can just waltz in and take what they want.

They can also be something of a fire hazards with all of that dry feed inside. So it's important to have fire safety measure in place in case the worst does happen.