Keeping Your Small Farm Secure

Farms are very expensive investments, even if you’re operating one for hobby purposes instead of being a business. You might have a farm because you want a sustainable way to feed your family with fresh food, or perhaps you’ve been interested in agriculture since you were young and you’ve wanted to start a farm for educational purposes. Whatever the reason, farms can cost a lot of money, so it makes sense that we need to protect our investments with whatever tools and services are at our disposal.

Not only is farming equipment expensive, such as vehicles and power tools, but the value of animals that we might keep on our farm are also expensive and require a lot of time and care. If you want to ensure your investment is protected, then here are a couple of ways to secure your farm.

Invest in sturdy locks

People will often target farms for their illicit activities because they are in open areas that are usually covered in darkness at night. This gives them plenty of freedom to move around without being spotted, but they can’t get in to steal animals or tools if you have sturdy locks on not just your doors, but also your windows. You want to get locks that are strong enough to prevent basic tools from cutting the metals, and you want to ensure the windows themselves can’t be broken by installing some sturdy glass panes.

Register all of your assets

Make sure you take photographs of your equipment, vehicles, animals and even your valuables so that if something does happen, you can make a claim to your insurance company. It will also help you keep track of what assets you own in case you hire a farm hand to help you. They’ll be able to look through your books and alert you if an animal or tool is missing from your premises. You might also want to create a book or schedule that tracks who is using what tools and what tasks you assign to your helpers.

Solid fencing

You’ll need to create a fence around your farmland to let people know they’re approaching a privately owned area. Many people will innocently traverse your property and you might mistake them for thieves. For instance, hikers might get lost and stumble into your farm, or people who are playing out in the fields might accidentally walk onto your property. For all your construction needs, Varner Pipe, LLC has a large stock of steel tubing for sale which makes for a great solid fence. It’s much better than just using hedges or wooden fences because it can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Fit alarms and cameras

Just because you own a farm, it doesn’t mean you have to stick to traditional methods or tracking invaders and thieves. Make sure you hire a security expert to help you install a system that will protect your farm. Install CCTV cameras to both keep track of your animals and also to record footage in case invaders break in, and you can even install cameras around the perimeter of your farm for extra added safety.