Land on Your Feet with These Profitable Ideas

When you own land, there are hundreds of ways you can use it to make a profit. While this can be a great opportunity to do what you want, considering a range of options is often a necessity. Many landowners can struggle to make money from just one source of income, such as growing crops or raising livestock. Diversifying your business and using your land in a number of different ways can help you not just to stay afloat but to make sure that you're financially comfortable. There are big and small ways to make money from your land, with more opportunities available the more land you have. Consider all these ways that your land can enable you to make a profit.


Farmers have long been raising different types of livestock to survive. They live off their own produce and sell it to others in various different forms. For many, raising livestock involves having cattle, sheep, pigs, or other standard farm animals. However, it's also possible to look beyond these options and consider something a little more unusual. Of course, before doing so, it's important to make sure the demand is there, or that you can create it. Some people use their land for bees, bison, llamas or alpacas, ostriches, or even rabbits. There are animals both big and small that can be profitable choices. Apart from meat, there are animal byproducts that can be profitable, from eggs and milk to wool.


Growing crops of different kinds can also be a good choice for profiting from your land. There are many types of crop to consider, from grains to fruits and vegetables. Some crops can create a further business opportunity by allowing people to come and pick their own. For example, pumpkins can offer a fun activity for people to do at Halloween. Or, during the summer, the public can come and pick their own berries and other fruits. If there is enough demand, it can be a great way to make money. But for many landowners, more traditional ways of profiting from crops are what works for them.

Creating Your Own Products

Many landowners who have products to sell resulting from raising livestock or growing crops will simply sell them as they come. But others choose to make further products that they can brand with their farm's labels and sell at farmers markets, in their own farm shop, or perhaps to larger retailers. For example, a landowner could grow grapes and make wine from the fruit. Or they could make cured meats from their livestock, jams, and preserves, or even items made from wool collected from sheep, alpacas, and other animals. Many people love the "farm to table" and homemade aesthetic of farm-bought products.

Hunting and Fishing Business

Allowing people onto your land isn't for every landowner out there. Many would prefer to keep their land private, especially when there could be liability issues. But there are lots of business opportunities if you're willing to let people onto your land. One choice is to run a hunting or fishing business, allowing people to enjoy the access to great hunting and fishing your land offers. While huge ranches like the ones available at are best for this, it can be a possibility on smaller amounts of land too. Alongside excursions and opportunities to spend the day reaping the benefits of your land, you could offer guests accommodation, food, and other perks.

Retreats and Accommodation

The idea of getting away from the hustle and bustle appears to people from all walks of life. From corporate highflyers to suburban families, people like escaping from their usual life for a while. If you own land, you can offer people the opportunity to do that. You can consider providing a few different types of accommodation, depending on what would work for you. Your land could offer space to camp, either in permanent tent structures you set up or allowing for guests to bring their own tents or RVs. You could also offer proper bedrooms, or even whole cottages to stay in. You might already have accommodation available, or you can consider adding places to stay.

As well as simply offering accommodation, you can consider creating packages or retreats for people to enjoy. For example, you could provide retreats for writers and artists, or perhaps for people who want to take a break from technology. You could run yoga retreats or other opportunities for people to get away and enjoy some peace and quiet.

Kennels and Animal Accommodation

It's not just people who need somewhere to stay sometimes. When they go away, they need someone to look after their pets. If you own land, you often have the perfect conditions to set up kennels for dogs or another type of animal boarding. To do this, you need to have people who can run the business that have the knowledge and skills to care for the animals. Plus, you need the space and the time to give them the attention they need. Many landowners are already dog lovers, and some might even have veterinary skills ideal for running kennels. Other animal boarding options are available, from catteries to stables for horses.

Petting Zoo/Farm

Are the animals on your farm the cutest around? Another way to make use of land is to invite people to come and engage with animals. It's a great family activity and can be used to get people onto the farm to make money in other ways, such as through a cafe or shop. A petting zoo or farm doesn't necessarily have to raise animals for other purposes. But it could still have livestock used for producing milk, eggs, or other products. Some people might choose to have more exotic animals. However, it's essential to ensure that you are able to provide the best care possible and perhaps work with other organizations to do this.

Farm Shops and Cafes

Selling things from a farm shop or cafe is also a popular way for landowners to make money. However, it's often something to do when there is already another business onsite. When people are already there for something else, they might be tempted to buy something or sit down for something to eat and drink. However, sometimes a store might function on its own if you are able to direct people to it. Signs on the road leading to your land can point to a place where drivers can stop and buy fresh produce.

Renting Land

There are plenty of ways to rent out your land to others so that they can make use of it. This is often an easy way of making money, as any organizing of whatever the land is used for is left up to the person renting. Landowners can rent to farmers so that they can grow crops or raise livestock. Perhaps there are people who want to do something a bit more small-scale so that they can live a more sustainable life. Or you could rent out land for events, such as weddings, where you can set up marquees and other structures.

Set Up a School

Your land can offer enough space to teach a skill to anyone who wants to learn. If you have any skills you can pass on, you can use the land you have available to build the facilities you need. It might be something crafty, such as pottery or weaving. It could be a skill like horseback riding or cookery. Many people also want to learn how to work the land, so you could teach people valuable skills about growing crops and raising livestock. The lessons you offer could be one-off workshops, weekly sessions, or perhaps intensive courses with accommodation included.


If you have land going spare, creating a storage space is one option you might not think of. But there is a lot of demand for storage from both individuals and businesses. You might think that most people would want them to be in the middle of a city. However, you can find storage facilities all over the place. Especially as some people might want to store larger items, including farming equipment. You might be able to offer a lot of storage space to neighboring landowners or anyone else looking for somewhere to keep their stuff.

Do Something Different

If you're imaginative, you might be able to think of something unusual to do with your land. For example, what about letting detectorists onto your land with their metal detectors to see if they can find anything? Think about the types of people in your area or perhaps who you can attract to your land. Maybe there's a demand out there that you could meet, which no one else in your locality is currently doing. You can try looking at what other landowners are doing for inspiration, or simply use your imagination to come up with something unique.

There are so many ways to profit from your land that you're certainly not limited in how to make money. You just need to think of the best methods for your location and land.