How To Say 'I Do' To Hosting Weddings

These days we should be looking for how we can maximize our business and diversify our income streams. More and more farmers are looking for more ways to make money from their farm, they can no longer rely on making money from what they farm. Farming is a tough business. Profit margins are slim and farmers have to worry about weather and prices amongst other things.. It only takes one small thing to go wrong and that could spell disaster for a farmer. That’s why farmers are now looking for different ways to make money, and some are realizing that weddings could be a farmer’s happy ending. The wedding business is often considered recession proof because even when times are hard, people are always in love and people always want to get married. Apparently just over 2 million marriages take place in the US every year. The wedding industry is a profitable one.

You Have The Perfect Location

With a farm comes land, and with that comes lots of space to get married in. More and more people are looking into getting married on a farm because they love the idea of getting married outdoors, amongst nature whilst they the  scenery of the great outdoors..

Decide What Services You Will Offer

You will need to research what the other wedding venues in your area are offering. Could you create a partnership with a local photographer and offer their services as part of your package? You could also contact caterers and florists. When pricing your venue you will need to consider your expenses. If the bride wants to have a massive sculpture in your field then you can accommodate her, but you might need to hire some all terrain cranes and that expense needs to be included in your hiring fee. Remember the bride is always right! If she wants that sculpture then you will need to do everything possible to make that happen.

The Bits Of Paper You Will You Need (And We Aren’t Talking Confetti)

You need to research all of the applicable licenses and permits that you will need to operate your wedding venue. You don’t want to have to tell the wedding party that they can’t toast the bride and groom because you forget to get your alcohol license.

Get Your Venue Out There

You need to get the word out there about your new wedding venue. Social media is a great way of doing this. Get that website set up and start a blog to promote your business. Make sure that your website looks great on all devices, especially mobile phones. More and more people are using their phones to browse the internet. Make sure that you are on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You could also advertise your business in local wedding shops. You might want to think about how to entice people to book with you. For the first 10 couples you could offer a discount. This would then help build your business quickly and if you do a good job then they will be happy to recommend you.

Your Happy Ever After

If you manage to set up a successful wedding venue then you could be laughing all the way down the aisle and to the bank. This could be your happy ever after for a successful business.

Good luck!