Harvest And Hazards: Safe Farming Practices

Working on a farm, whether you are running the farm as a business, or you are assisting someone, is a very physically demanding role. It can be very hazardous in many respects, and there can be potential for grave injuries, such as falling from heights, or accidents involving vehicles and machinery, which are very common. The injury rates working on a farm is very high, and it must be difficult to continue working in this respect, and in fact, the amount of self-reported injuries is higher than most other types of industry. So, what can you do to minimize this? 

Assess The Workplace

The first thing you need to do is to undertake a thorough examination of the farming environment. You need to look for potential hazards, and this can include issues with machinery, or dangerous tools. But there are plenty of resources online that you can look at to help you make a detailed risk assessment such, as on http://www.farmsafetyns.ca/farm-safety-ns-manual/hazard-identification-and-risk-assessment/ so you can do a proper risk assessment that covers all the bases. Risk assessments are vital in every industry, but it is especially prudent in farming. Make sure you don't skip this aspect.

Minimizing Hazardous Chemicals

There are many hazardous chemicals on a farmland, from dust to additives, and, of course, pesticides. There are some common sense approaches to minimize the chemicals being exposed, such as putting lids on disposal and wastage receptacles, wearing protective clothing, as well as washing your skin if it is exposed to any chemical as soon as possible. You need to look after your health; asthma can be a by-product of working in a farm environment. So think about your health as a priority.

Having The Proper Equipment And Clothing

The predominant environment that you work in is a muddy field. So there are standard safety items of equipment that you can use, such as wellingtons and clothing and so forth, but there is also safety mats that you can find on sites like http://northernmat.ca/products/crane-digging-mats/, that make it less hazardous, and is a suitable way to prevent injuries on the farm. You also need to be sure that you are vigilant when you are working, it's not just about the best safety processes in place, there needs to be some common sense, especially when you are working at great heights. So, in addition to having stable ladders and having the proper precautions, your workers need to know exactly the best way to operate safely.

Physical Fitness In Terms Of Health And Safety

A lot of lifting is involved in farming, such as hay bags, but a lot of farmers do not think about this health and safety aspect. You need to make sure that you use the proper techniques, and the same applies when you are handling livestock. And on the topic of livestock, some processes need to be followed, to make sure that they are kept safely and away from fields that are accessible by the public.

If you are a beginner farmer, make sure that you operate with some common sense, and ensure that the health and safety of you, and everybody on the farm, is a priority.