Introducing Riddler and Storm: Better Farm's New Equine Roommates

Riddler, left, is an Arabian. Storm is a Tennessee walking horse.

Riddler, left, is an Arabian. Storm is a Tennessee walking horse.

We couldn't be more excited to announce the arrival of the two newest members of our Better Farm family, horses Riddler and Storm.

The two senior horses arrived yesterday from another local, family farm where some big life changes and relocations made the horses’ continued care impossible. We were approached to see if we’d consider adopting the boys, and were thrilled to say yes.

Both horses need some extra TLC: they're very skinny, need a good hoof trim, dental care, and Storm needs some attention paid to his arthritis. We are all too happy to get started spoiling these boys rotten; making appointments for their healthcare, offering them an all-you-can-eat hay and grain buffet, and peppering special treats like carrots and warm oatmeal into their diet. And snuggles! We've spent lots of time already petting and brushing these big babies and getting to know them. And we're pleased to report, they are adjusting absolutely beautifully. We've got them nice and bundled up in insulated jackets on this 0-degree day and they're loving all this sunshine in spite of the frigid temperatures.

As older horses (both are in their early to mid-20s) who grew up getting plenty of training and care, Riddler and Storm are the definition of gentle giants. These guys just want to be loved and cared for, and to get the attention that so deserve! They're happy relaxing in their enclosure, getting massaged and pampered, and are all too pleased to retrieve treats right from our hands.

Come spring, these guys are going to be loving strolls throughout the Better Farm fields and woods, and jaunts to local lakes, streams and creeks in the neighborhood. This is a dream come true for everyone involved!

Here's some more information about Riddler and Storm:


Arabian Pony



Riddler is an Arabian; a breed of horse more than 5,000 years old and considered the oldest breed and first domesticated breed of horse. Arabians are a strong and hardy, light horse breed able to carry any type of rider for most equestrian activities. Arabians, regardless of height, are all technically classified as "horses", even though 14.2 (58 inches, 147 cm) is the traditional cutoff height between a horse and a pony (and would therefore otherwise classify Riddler as a pony)The Arabian horse is noted for a greater density of bone than other breeds, short cannons, sound feet, and a broad, short back -- all of which give the breed physical strength comparable to many taller animals. Riddler has his name for the white question mark shape on his forehead. He's a practical joker, utterly silly and the more mischievous of the two.


Tennessee Walking Horse

The Tennessee Walking Horse, or "Tennessee Walker" is a breed of gaited horse known for its unique four-beat "running walk" and flashy movement. It was originally developed in the southern US for use on farms and plantations. It's a  popular riding horse due to its calm disposition, smooth gaits, and sure-footedness. The Tennessee Walking Horse is often seen in the show ring, but also popular as a pleasure and trail riding horse

Visitors to Riddler and Storm -- as well as our chickens and ducks -- are welcome year round! Please email to schedule a tour or to find out how you can help support these beautiful creatures. 

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