Mushroom Hunt

One afternoon last week, the Better Farm crew and I went out for a hike to find mushrooms (and maybe my truck keys, which I'd lost in the woods a week earlier). The hike is part of our outdoor survival unit, which includes foraging and identifying edible wild plants.

Once we got into the woods, we started to really fight with the bugs. But we also started to see a bunch of mushrooms: two on the hillside, and three more on the flat ground. 

After walking for a little while, we found another mushroom in a clearing then a few more on a stick. Three more were growing in decaying bark. Another grew in the shade of a rock, and lastly there was one growing among the grass. All together we found 10 mushrooms. Here's what we identified:

1.       Pluteus
2.       Eucocoprinns Bimbanmii
3.       Unkown
4.       Hygrocybe Vitellina (inedible)
5.       False Chanterelle (edible)
6.       Gymnopilus
7.       Atramentaria
8.       Galerina Autumnails (inedible)
9.       Literocybe Clari
10.   Amanita
11.   Laccaria Amethystea (Edible)