The Born-Agains

Garlic wakes up in the raised beds on Better Farm's property. We planted the cloves last fall.
We've spent the last several weeks raking out our raised beds, turning compost, and bagging our freshly made potting soil. Here's a pictorial of our born-again veggies and herbs we've found waking back up in the gardens:


Onions that were planted last October.
We planted sage in June of 2011 and it came back last week.

Garlic Chives

To get our soil aerated and chock-full of nutrients, we rake out the top layer of compost every spring and transfer it to our compost system out in the main garden. Here's what was revealed after the snow melted off: vegetable matter, wood ash, compostables like dog fur, pine needles and dead leaves

And here's what the ground looks like after we comb the top layer off:
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