The Freeing of the Pheasants

The lovely pheasants of Better Farm. Photo/Nicole Caldwell
Pheasant farmers in the North Country typically raise hundreds of these birds in cages before killing and selling the birds locally for meat. Some people buy the birds and hunt them on their own (a released pheasant will typically stay put on the land it's released on). But us? We find local pheasant farmers willing to turn some birds loose for no purpose other than the simple act of emancipation. Then we release them at Better Farm.

Whether these birds move on to other pastures, fall prey to an errant coyote or bobcat or human, live out their lives in perfect health, have their eggs gobbled up by predators, or procreate and fill the world with beautiful baby pheasants, we're happy just knowing the birds are in the wild, being the free birds they were born to be.

Check it out—the first time in their lives these birds have been airborne!
Want to learn more about these amazing animals? Visit Pheasants Forever.

Nicole Caldwell

Nicole Caldwell is a self-taught environmentalist, green-living savant and sustainability educator with more than a decade of professional writing experience. She is also the co-founder of Better Farm and president of betterArts. Nicole’s work has been featured in Mother Earth News, Reader’s Digest, Time Out New York, and many other publications. Her first book, Better: The Everyday Art of Sustainable Living, is due out this July through New Society Publishers.