Art Barn's Grand Opening Showcases Work of Jennifer Elizabeth Crone

Jennifer Elizabeth Crone showed up at Better Farm to begin her betterArts residency program in February amidst subzero temperatures, overcast skies, and more hours of darkness than daylight. A San Diego native who's lately called New York City home, this was Jennifer's first foray into country living.

She bundled up, set up a studio space in Better Farm's loft, and got to work. Her process is layered; utilizing found books and objects (including some found canvases already painted on), oil paints, and collage.

Jennifer also became an integral part of the day-to-day operations at Better Farm. She was Mother Hen to our chickens Sissy, Scarlet, and Henrietta, ran our composting system, and even helped to plant all the seeds now growing like crazy in our greenhouse.

She became part of the Better Farm family, and will be leaving her mark in a more literal way than most: with her art. There's a big tree painted on an upstairs bedroom wall, a ceiling fan with vines and flowers painted on it, a collaged doorway, and a paper mobile hanging from some rafters.

We were able to celebrate Jennifer's hard work, as well as the grand opening of the newly renovated Art Barn, April 30. Here are photos of Jennifer's wonderful projects from that event:

...and her admirers:

Stay in touch with Jennifer by following her blog. For pricing and purchasing information, please e-mail And for information on the betterArts residency or to apply, click here.