Caroline Reid and Kate Ryan: A more realized space

Caroline Reid and Kate Ryan spent the last week of August at Better Farm as artists-in-residence in our betterArts program. The two Brooklyn-based women play together in the band Frankie Rose and the Outs¸ which kicks off a fall tour Sept. 15 at The Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn.

Caroline is a multimedia artist and bass player who launched her first capsule collection of one-of-a-kind jumpsuits in 2009. In the process of expanding that line, she put her focus into designing stage clothes for Frankie and the Outs. She also used her time at Better Farm to expand her study of the tarot; which, she says, "will ultimately manifest as a video-tarot deck.

"I plan to create a series of vignettes that unpack and re-imagine the stories and archetypes of the tarot," she said, "with the ultimate goal of using technology to compile them in an order that responds to cues from the viewer, creating a cinematic experience that is different for every person every time it is watched."
Kate came to Better Farm to expand her body of writing—an opportunity that, she said, was stifled by a busy work schedule and day-to-day stresses in New York City.

"Writing and completing a substantial piece of work," she said, "[and] to work on the farm and be a part of the community at Better Farm, is one that I would value enormously. The theory behind Better Farm, to learn and grow from everything, to learn to love and work with whatever it is life gives you, is an important guiding principle in my life."

In their time at Better Farm, Kate and Caroline transformed the bus and barn into studio spaces complete with makeshift desks and chairs, dried flowers, and candlelight.

The women also contributed by running our farm stand and manning Better Farm's table at the weekly farmers market. We wish them the best of luck on their tour and with all their creative pursuits!

For more information about betterArts' residency program, click here. To see pictures of the bus and barn transformation, as well as other photos from this summer's residents, click here.