Redwood Field Days 2010

The 2010 Redwood Firemen's Field Days were a flurry this year of junk auctions, live entertainment, beer and food tents, oodles of rides and games, raffles, prizes, and all the fried dough you'd ever care to eat.

Festivities were kicked off Thursday, Aug. 26, with a junk auction held behind the Redwood Fire Department's station on Stine Road. From there, the excitement built to culminate Saturday night in a parade down Route 37 in downtown Redwood, past hundreds of onlookers.

Better Farm's "float" in the parade—comprised of a banner draped across the front of Butch's pickup truck, CCR blasting on the stereo, Chris and Joel handing out cucumbers and fliers, and Corinne and I throwing bags of string beans into the confused crowd while Kobayashi Maru and Han Solo napped in the truck bed in their Hawaiian leis—took third place for floats. It was a major step up from Better Farm's "float" last year; which was really just Stacie Mae and I wandering down Main Street while throwing wildflowers at the crowd.

We plan to come out in full force next year and sweep the parade for first.

It was a great weekend of communing with locals, winning a few prizes, listening to some great music, and enjoying the last bit of summer.
Only another 362 days or so until the next field days rolls into town. Until then, better be.