Intern Files: End of week seven

By Joe Pintaudi

I have learned a great amount of respect for people who labor for what they bring to the table every day. It is easy to go to the store and buy something that I may eat or may throw away, but to toil away in the dirt and bring something out of the ground while trying to put back something that will help this process continue for as long as there is someone to continue the cycle.

I am getting ready to end what has been an amazing experience and a great summer; and really, in many ways, everything about coming here has been surprising. I will leave with pride in knowing that what I did will help to feed the people in this small community of mixed ideas and views. I have been surprised at how welcome the people here at the Farm and in the town of Redwood have been. All summer long we have been guided by the experience of others who want to see this succeed. Their experience has been helpful to ours, and what we have learned from them as well as on our own will someday be passed on to others who want to try and make things Better.

Originally posted at Joe's Blog.