Intern Files: Week seven

By Joe Pintaudi

At the beginning of this week, there is more productivity in the garden. We are starting to see some zucchini coming in and the peppers are doing pretty well. Our onions appear to be pretty big on the surface and the same can be said about the carrots.

Yesterday I made an organic pesticide and used it on some of the greens. It’s a pretty simple mixture. I used three jalapeno peppers, one clove of garlic, a small amount of dish soap, and about four cups of water.

After putting all of these ingredients in a container, I used a hand-held blender to mix everything really well. After the mix sat for about two hours, I used a strainer to separate the liquid from the solids and placed the liquid into a pump sprayer and added about a gallon of water.

This is a pretty simple and organic way to keep insects from eating your garden before you can. According to the advice I found online, it should be sprayed couple of days and after it rains.  Also remember to use a clean sprayer.  I washed the one I found out three times before I used it just to make sure that no unwanted chemicals got into the mix.

Originally published at Joe's Blog.