Intern Files: This week so far

By Joe Pintaudi
It has been gray and cold, two things  I can appreciate since escaping the excessive heat at home. When the rain stops it is nice to be outside. Yesterday I transplanted some tomatoes and peppers into raised beds made from old tires I found out in the open-air shed. I was lucky enough to get them planted just before the rain started in the afternoon.

Monday also consisted of more transplanting from the greenhouse to the garden; and conducting a nutrient test on the soil where we will be planting the majority of our produce.

On Tuesday I walked a steep three miles into town to help a local woman clean out a house she had just bought. The sun was shining, but walking to left side of the road created a nice shade cover and the breeze kept the bugs mostly away.

Tonight is movie night.  We are having anyone who wants to come and watch a documentary called Dirt! The Movie.

Blog post originally published at Joe's Blog.