Rough Cut: Better Farm documentary

Four of us in 2006 began documenting the people of Better Farm and the space itself. In all the miscellaneous files, recorded interviews with former and current Better Farm inhabitants, hundreds of archived images, and our own feelings about the place, a stunning story began to emerge that we found kind of gorgeous.

We've recently been gathering our notes, logging footage (thank you Eric!), holding roundtables regarding our vision, and planning for full documentation at this year's 40th Reunion to be held at Better Farm in May. In the mix of all the files and sound bites I came across this rough trailer. A bit of a "perspective piece" (not all information discussed in the audio is 100-percent accurate), it sets some of the mood. Thought I'd include it here just for art's sake:

We're looking for burgeoning documentary filmmakers and audiophiles to help out with filming and generally recording the goings-on at this year's May 30 reunion in Redwood—as well as any old footage or photography belonging to you former residents at the Farm! Please contact us at if you'd like to get on board. Armed with that footage and interviews with the next wave of Better-Farmers, we expect to get most of the film completed by the end of summer.

Work on this emerging documentary was done by Eric Drasin, Nicole Caldwell, Tyler Howe, and Ed Krayewski. Special thanks and gratitude go out to our late, great founder Stephen F. Caldwell; without whom none of this would have existed.