Luckily, Better Farm came to us with the bones of the house in fairly good shape. There are a couple boring, but necessary, tasks that need doin', including the installation (finally) of rain gutters.

I was zoning out to a "green/eco-friendly" home decorating show recently, and they suggested Galvalume gutters, due to their strength and long-term durability. The coating is made from 55 percent aluminum and 45 percent zinc; and is applied with a continuous hot dipping process (HOT!). The result is a coating that protects the steel from moisture, contaminants, and scratches. The shine weathers evenly and has approximately nine times the longevity of plain ol' galvanized gutters. No straight-to-landfill for these babies.

Since that'll also take care of the flooding basement situation, we can then focus on other stylish add-ons, like the plethora of options for eco-friendly roofing. Or, forget roofing altogether—let's just lease some solar panels!