Better Farm provides sanctuary to animals who have experienced neglect, abuse, or are in need of a forever home. These have included a fawn, chickens, horses, injured wild birds, ducks, dogs, a mouse, and others. Our mission is to hold all life in high regard no matter the form it takes; and to offer animals the love, nurturing, and comfort we all expect as a basic right. These animals have much to teach us; and in their healing, they help to heal us as well.

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Currently living at Better Farm are:

Horse Blaze


Alpacas from Vega, Delilah, Finnegan, Augusta, Inez, Cleopatra, Frankie Blue Eyes, and Buffalo. Read their story here.


Pigs Winnifred (left), Matilda and Ramona

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 11.57.29 AM.png

Chickens Biff, Rose Red, Loretta, Dolly, Patsy, Scarlet, Two-Tone, Cheech, Chong, Sister, One-Eyed Jack, and many others (read their story here)

Dog Han Solo

Fish Lucille, Jaws, Moby Dick, and many others