Throwing an Event for Your Farm: What You Should Know

Every business needs a little help now and then to be seen and to earn some money to keep going. Farms are beloved by all, but the farms that are typically visited by families are not as famous as they used to be. It's due to this that farms now struggle with getting an income, notably if they used to be places that people would visit often. Creating a fundraiser to bring some money into your farm is one of the best ways that you and raise some awareness about what you're doing as well as raise some money to keep your farm going.

The good news is that this doesn't have to take a ton of work on your behalf to make this an event that becomes overly complicated. With the right ideas, you can have an event that is packed with people having fun, appreciating what you are doing on your farm and brings some much-needed cash to keep you going. You won't have to go for the classic bake sale to get the attention of the folks in your community, either. Let's take a look at how you can throw the best possible event and what you need to know about doing it.

Know Your "Why"

You need to know precisely why you want to run an event for your farm before you get it done. Mostly it will be to raise money, of course, but it's not always as simple as raising money. Your farm needs this event to raise awareness about what you're doing, so you have to engage with the right audience to get their attention. You need to know what you're doing the event for, or you're not going to be able to sell the idea to those you want to attend it.

Choose Your Idea

A farm is a community place, but it's also a place of business. You have to choose something that is going to enhance your farm and the brand image, while also being exciting for guests. If you run a chicken farm and you sell your chickens for food, then a farm event that showcases smoked chicken drumsticks on the BBQ could be an excellent idea to show people what your delicious produce tastes like. A huge picnic with music and a chance to tour the farm could be precisely what you need to raise awareness for your cause.

Check Out the Competition

What have competing farms done to attract the attention of their audience? Which options are the most popular among farms who want to host their own awareness events? Try to visit as many of the competitive farms as possible to work out what it is they do and how you can do better. The more you know, the better you can be at an event as their competitor. The more information that you have before you get planning, the better.

Set The Date

The best thing to do before making any decisions about your farm event is to set a date and time that will suit the weather and your situation. A farm, being outdoors, needs sunshine, or at least dry weather for people to have a good time. Everyone loves to pull on their boots and get a bit muddy, but you can hardly have a summery picnic in the sloshing rain.

Create a Marketing Plan

You've got a great idea for an event that will market your farm, so now you need to advertise it. You need to attract the attention of the masses, and you should think about how you can do that. Local social media pages are always a good start, but to truly make an impact as a local farm, you should go ahead and visit local church groups and schools personally. Put flyers and newsletters through the letterboxes of the locals and ask local businesses to shout about you and what you're planning to do. Word of mouth is the best option for attracting the right attention.

Raise Money

When you've done all of the above, you're ready to start raising some cash. In order to make your whole event a success, you need to set yourself a target to reach. Does your farm need more equipment? More animals? More chances to create an entertainment area for visitors? Whatever your mission, you can reach your financial target with donations, ticket sales for the event, an auction or raffle stand during the day.

Personal Promotion

As a business owner, you're the person in charge of making sure that you get some attendance and awareness. Looking to your personal network is an excellent place to start, as you can get some information about who can attend from your personal circle. Include as much information as you can about the event and who it's for, and utilise all of your social media options so that you can get the best number of people attending as possible.

Facebook Events

If you have a business page for your farm, create an event on Facebook. There is already such a vast community online; you can reach more people than you imagine with a simple share. Use your Facebook event as a starter, and put your event on your business website and on your vlog and watch the interest grow.

Engage The Locals

Local people will know all about your farm and what you do at your farm. Get them involved! Have a Bake Off and ask the locals to bake something delicious to be judged during the event. Ask the community for donations to be raffled, baked goods, and even hands to help during the day. You'll be surprised how many will be willing to help.

Your event can go off without a hitch by merely knowing your audience and what you can offer. The more that you can provide the masses, the happier and more receptive they will be to helping you, and the more help you can get to generate cash flow.