Raising Very Healthy Farm Animals

All animals get sick from time to time but this can be a disaster if they are farm animals, as diseases can spread so quickly among them. Treating them can be expensive and time-consuming as farmers try to avoid the domino effect of illnesses in their animals.

Just like with humans, prevention is better than cure. This involves making sure they always have clean and fresh water, the appropriate feed and a healthy environment. These are not the only things that can help to keep them in good shape though, and here are a few ways that will help to prevent them from becoming ill.

Regular Checkups

Your animals should be seen by a veterinarian on a regular basis. Apart from checking them for diseases, they will ensure they have whatever vaccinations are required and will advise you on how to keep them parasite free. The vet may well spot some minor that if it is treated quickly will prevent it from turning into a major problem.

They will also be able to help you decide which feed is best for which particular animal. https://www.naturafeed.com/ explains the importance of using natural products and how their product allows manufacturers to develop more nutritional feeds. Some vets are partnered with nutritionists who can help you formulate the diet your animals need for good growth and development.

Look After Their Feet

There are many farm animals that need to have their hooves trimmed regularly. This also gives you the chance to inspect their hooves for any sign of infections. If you install rubber mats in food alleys and grooving on the barn floor, both of these measures will help to protect the animal’s hooves.

Animals in fields will be walking over no end of different things and checking their feet will also let you spot any cuts and grazes they may have.

Stay Calm

Animals can become stressed, just as humans do. It is thought that when they are anxious they are more likely to become ill. The best way is to stay calm with them at all times, especially with very young animals, as they need extra care.

Dehorn and Dock

Sometimes, cattle goats and sheep should be dehorned to prevent them from harming each other and yourself.  It can also be wise to have their tails docked as this can lessen the risk of infections from flies in their rear wool.

Watch For Anything Out of the Ordinary

Get to know your animals as much as you can. Learn the way they react to other animals and to you. Watch their habits so that is anything seems out of the ordinary, it will alert you that they may not be as well as they should be. If they seem to be under the weather, call the vet straight away as there is no point in leaving them to get even worse.

If you find any cuts and grazes, disinfect them to prevent infections setting in. Taking all of these measures on board will help to keep your animals healthy and your farm productive.