What A Healthy Garden Needs in 2019

If you’re a keen green fingered gardener, or you’d like to pick up this therapeutic hobby in the future, staying up to date with the most recent gardening trends and tips is a must. Things may have changed since the last time you looked into it, so read on to find out what a healthy garden needs in 2019 and beyond.

Protection For The Climate and From Weather Changes

The type of protection you use will depend on the type of climate that you live in. You may need to protect your plants from dehydrating, or you may need to protect them from frost. Using clay pots can be a quick help for overnight freezes.

A Little Growth And Debris

Although some gardens may look perfectly tidy and beautiful, this doesn’t mean that they are necessarily healthy. Cutting your grass too short can actually be bad for it, and you’ll deter beautiful wildlife from visiting your garden. Keep it tidy, but not too tidy.

Herbs and Plants

Every healthy garden should have some kind of herb and plant that can be used. This can help you to save money on your grocery bill, as well as bring some diversity to your garden. Not only that, if you have kids, growing herbs and plants can be very educational for them! Recently, a bill was passed that stated it is now legal for hemp to be grown in the USA. This can be useful if you enjoy using CBD and want to create your own. You can learn more about this below.