Finding The Best Truck for Your Farm


These days, more and more Americans are choosing to ditch the supermarket shelves and grow their own food. In fact, an impressive 35% of households grow produce at home or in a community garden. If you frequent a farm or homestead, a sturdy vehicle can be an invaluable tool. Not only can a truck help you to get work done around your property, but it can also function as an everyday vehicle for commuting to work or school. Not all trucks are created equal, however. It’s a good idea to take into consideration your unique needs when shopping for a new vehicle and find one that offers the versatility and reliability that you need. Here are some tips on how to choose a truck that can get you from Point A to Point B without a hitch.

Size and Build

A full-size pickup truck is usually best for farmers and homesteaders planning on towing heavy payloads. However, full-sized trucks also tend to require more fuel and more maintenance. For hobbyists or those with smaller properties, a midsize truck may be the more economical option. No matter what the size, it’s crucial that you look for a durable vehicle with a solid metal frame.

Fuel Type

In addition to design, fuel is also an important consideration. Most farmers prefer to use diesel trucks thanks to their superior strength and reliability. Diesel trucks can run for longer on a single tank, reducing maintenance costs. Diesel also stores better than gasoline, meaning you lose less money due to tanks going sour.

Special Features

When it comes to a truck’s amenities, it’s really down to personal choice. While a hands-free infotainment system is a must-have for some of us, others are more concerned with aspects such as interior aesthetics. No matter what special features you’re looking for, however, it’s important to remember the primary purpose of your truck. If you tend to haul large or messy loads inside the cab, it’s a good idea to look for something with plenty of storage space and stain-proof lining. If you have a large family to cart around, versatile seating options may be a more important consideration for you.

Perhaps one of the most important things to consider when buying a new truck, however, is safety. Many newer truck models offer advanced safety features that protect you and your property when driving. Rear vision cameras, parking assist, and backup alarms ensure that you’re able to park safely while towing modes and trailer sway control help to keep you from accidentally damaging your payload.

When searching for a new farm-tough truck, you should be on the lookout for an everyday vehicle that works as well on your property as it does on the road. Strength, stability, and longevity are all essential factors to consider. Interior amenities, while less important, should also be taken into consideration.