5 Ways to Make Your Farm More Eco-Friendly

Farming was, once upon a time, one of the most eco-friendly activities there was. It was all small practices, ones that worked in conjunction with nature - it was all good. But as more and more machines were introduced, that slowly began to change. Now, farms that use practices established over the past half a century are highly unlikely to be good for the environment. But that doesn’t mean it has to be that way! We know a lot know, and there are plenty of ways to make your farm more in line with earth-friendly practices - and what’s more, none of these is particularly difficult to incorporate into your operations.

Go Easy on the Bugs

Yes, bugs can be annoying to be around, but they’re not all bad - indeed, some should be positively welcome on your farm, as they give more than they take. If you are going to get rid of pests, make sure you’re not using any chemicals that are toxic to the land - they’ll be an earth-friendly alternative option available.

Think About Your Water Use

Sometimes you can make a massive difference just by thinking a little! Take a look at your water use, for instance: how much are you using, and could you be using less? The answer is probably yes, once you get down to it.

Switch Out Your Lighting Systems

You might be able to make a huge difference to your carbon footprint And save money just by changing one small aspect of your farm: the lighting. Led grow lights use somewhere in the region of 60% less energy than regular grow lights, which means they’re better for both your energy bills and the earth. And as an added bonus: they also last a long time, so you won’t need to think about switching them out all the time.

Used Equipment

You’re going to use a lot of machines and other equipment on your farm. While these items will be slightly shinier if you buy them new, there’ll also be much more expensive, and will have a pretty big carbon footprint! Instead, look at buying used farming equipment. It’ll work just as good as anything that you can buy new, and you’ll be doing your bit towards helping to protect the planet. Nice!

Using Everything

You’re going to produce a lot when you’re on the farm, but how much of that stuff are you actually using? If you’re throwing too much away, have a look and see if you can put what you’re throwing out to better use. You can normally use everything in more ways than one, so you don’t have to throw it out after all.


You’ve got a lot to think about if you’re in the farming game, but it’s worthwhile taking the time to think about the carbon footprint of your establishment. The emphasis should be on finding sustainable ways to run your farm; that way, you’ll know that you’ll be keeping the farming tradition alive for future generations to practice and enjoy.