Crops vs. Pests: Here's How You Win The Battle

If you ask most farmers what their biggest problem is when it comes to farming, it will more than likely be the pests that continually try and snack on all of their crops. There are lots of bugs and insects that will feed on the likes of wheat and maize which can often result in a reduction of a crop’s yield. Because of this, farmers have a lot less to sell and they struggle to make a profit. In some cases, these hungry little pests can cause some hard-working farmers to go out of business.

Thankfully, though, farmers don’t just have to sit back and watch the creepy crawlies make dinner out of their crops. There are a few steps that can be taken in the battle of crops vs pests. Ready to make a difference on your farm? Read on to find out more!

Add Physical Borders

One of the best ways to fight pesky pests is to put some physical borders between them and your crops. That way, there is no way for them to get up close enough to have a nibble on the leaves. It’s often possible to make your own using materials that you can buy from your local garden center. For instance, if your main problem is with snails and slugs, then simply making a fence out of some wire mesh should be enough to keep them away from all your precious crops.

Spray With Pesticides

There are also a few different pesticides you might want to try on your crops. These are poisonous to different types of insects and creepy crawlies so can be very effective in keeping them away from your crops. You just need to buy the right agricultural sprayer parts so that you can spray them from your tractor. This will be a lot quicker and more efficient than by doing it by hand! Don’t worry if you are an organic farmer; there are a lot of organic pesticides that are now for sale in most farm shops.

Bring In Natural Predators

If you don’t like the idea of using any chemicals on your crops, and also want to try and keep your work down to a minimum, then you should consider bringing in some natural predators to take care of your pest problem for you. For example, there are many beetles and flies that are known for feeding on certain insects and mites that are known for eating crops. To use them to your advantage, you just need to introduce some of these predators to your farm land. Hopefully, they will then make their home there and start feeding off all the pests!

Bring Them Indoors

If all of the above seems to fail, you can bring your crops indoors. Even if it means investing in large greenhouses, at least you know they will be completely safe from the most common of pests!

Hopefully, all of the steps above can help you win the crops vs pests battle. Good luck!