Important Tasks to Complete Before the Farming Season Starts

If you are new to farming you might be overwhelmed by the amount of work you have lined up before the harvest season. They say that a farmer’s work is never done, and this is right. The key is knowing when you need to be ready with one phase, so everything goes smoothly. To get a good harvest, you will have to look after everything around the farm that will be needed. Below you will find a few tasks you should prioritize.


Before you would plant anything or sow the seeds, it is important that your land is able to provide enough nutrition for the plants growing in it. A good idea used by many experienced farmers is to get the crops rotated across the fields, so you don’t drain the nutrition over the years. Nonetheless, fertilizing will be needed every year. If you have animals, you can use organic stuff, but if not, make sure that you are getting some quality nitrate supplements to work in the land.

Machinery Maintenance

It is equally important that you give your farming machinery a regular checkup and maintain their condition. You should clean them and check their performance. During the winter months you can start preparing for the busy period by cleaning the engine and the filters. You can get a quality air filter cleaner to complete the job and improve the performance of your tractors and other machinery used in your agriculture business.

Fence Repair

Whether you have animals or not, you have to check the fence around the land regularly. If they were damaged by wildlife or weather, it might be time to carry out the repairs. You don’t want deer to come in and eat all your vegetables, or sheep to wander into the road or on someone else’s property. Replace loose fence posts and reinforce the wood and the hedge.

Soil Conditioning

Every type of plant will need a different type of soil, and you want to make sure that your fields are ready for the crops. Loosen the soil, especially if you had dry weather followed by very wet days, as the soil will be condensed and it will be harder for the plants to root and get the nutrients they need to grow.

Hedge and Tree Trimming

If you grow fruit in your garden, you must keep an eye on the branches and trim them before they would flower. At the same time, hedges need to be cut back before the birds would arrive at your farm to nest, so you are not distracting the wildlife and make your farm a part of the natural environment. Hedges can provide shade for the farm animals, and attract birds that will help you manage pests in the fields.

Farming is a full-time job. Whether you are in it for profit or would like to live a healthier, more sustainable life, growing your own food, you will have to complete some important tasks that will help you succeed in your venture.