4 Reasons to Buy Your Produce Locally Instead of Going to a Supermarket

Image from  Pexels

Image from Pexels

Many people are scared of what they eat. Does it contain chemicals? Does it contain additives? Is it even safe to eat? These are types of questions that far too many people ask and as a result, they’re scared about eating specific foods or jumping on diet trains that may or may not work.

For whatever reason, it seems that common sense tends to escape our reasoning. This is mainly because of market trends, brands and supermarket stores dampening our ability to think for ourselves with their flashy signs, addictive musical jingles and “massive sales!” billboards. Fortunately, not everyone has been indoctrinated by these marketing schemes, and there’s still plenty of reason why you should buy your produce locally instead of risking you and your family’s health by buying from a supermarket.

1. You know the source

There are some regulations that surround the use of the words “all natural” or “sourced from”, but a lot of that can be avoided and there are loopholes that allow companies to effectively trick consumers into believing that their produce comes from a certain region or country. Add to that the unlikelihood of “fresh” produce being shipped from another country and still retaining its natural taste and nutrients without some kind of chemical or synthetic intervention.

If you buy from local markets and farmers, you understand where the product comes from and because there’s no lengthy transportation process, you can be sure that whatever the farmer is selling, it’s fresh and full of healthy nutrients that aren’t affected by chemicals and pesticides.

2. You support local farmers

Farming is a dying business due to the rise of unnatural and synthetic means to produce crops. Large corporations are buying up acres of land and draining them of natural nutrients in the soil due to the use of chemicals, and because these big corporate farms aren’t varying the produce, it invites pests that love to snack on specific crops. Their way of dealing with those pests? More chemicals!

By supporting local family farms, you help to maintain traditional green farming that is both sustainable and good for the environment.

Image from Pexels

Image from Pexels

3. It tastes amazing

Fresh food always tastes better. Meat, vegetables and fruits are best when they are fresh from the source, and you can’t get any closer to the source than buying from a farm. There are delicious PaleoHacks recipes that are both healthier and taste better when you use fresh farm ingredients as opposed to packaged junk from a supermarket. Fresh food will do wonders for your diet, and you’ll be surprised at how great fresh food tastes when you try it compared to the supermarket varieties.

4. It builds a community

When you support local farmers, you support a community. Food always brings communities together, and nothing supports that sense of being part of a larger community than helping them out. Buy from the farmers, make delicious food, and share it with your friends and family so that they learn to love fresh local produce. You can learn about agriculture, learn why their produce tastes better, and even invite your children onto their farm (with permission) to teach them the joys of sustainable living.