Open Enrollment For Weekly Shares of Organic Produce Through Better Farm's 2016 CSA Program

Better Farm's Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) program offers local residents weekly shares of fresh, organic produce at a fraction of the cost of store-bought fruits, veggies, breads and eggs.

When you join a CSA, you're buying a “share” of produce from a particular farm or group of farms. Each week, we invite our CSA members to visit Better Farm to pick up a week's worth of fresh food. The program runs from May through November, about 30 weeks. Delivery service is also available for a small, additional fee. Weekly share amounts fluctuate in accordance with what is in-season.

In May, shares are lighter with home-baked or canned goods, salad greens, eggs and asparagus; while a share in October will be more robust with artichokes, tomatoes, greens, herbs, Swiss chard, potatoes, flowers, pumpkins, leeks, and much much more. Because Better Farm's goal is to increase access to delicious, organic, healthy food, our CSA by design offers produce for less than it costs to drive to a grocery store and buy lower quality produce.

What's growing in 2016:

Amaranth * Asparagus * Arugula * Basil * Beans (string) * Beets * Broccoli * Brussels Sprouts * Cabbage * Cauliflower * Caraway * Carrots * Celery * Chia Sprouts * Chickory * Cicoria * Cilantro * Collards * Coriander * Corn * Cucumber * Cress * Eggplant * Fennel * Jerusalem Artichoke * Kale * Kohlrabi * Leeks (wild ramps, domestic varieties) * Lettuce (variety) * Melons (cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon) * Mustard Greens * Okra, Onions (variety) * Parsley * Parsnips * Peanuts * Peas * Peppers * Pumpkin * Radish * Raspberries * Rhubarb * Rutabega * Salsify * Spinach (variety) * Squash *zuchinni, shishigatani, winter, golden summer, mini butternut) * Swiss Chard (rainbow) Tomatoes (variety) * Turnip * AND MORE!!

Rates for the 2016 program are as follows (remember, this is 100% ORGANIC PRODUCE!):

  • $150 Summer Weekender (weekend supply for two June 1-Sept. 1) -- that's only $10/week for two people!
  • $200/individual (weekly supply for one May 15-Nov. 15) -- that's only $7.50/week for one person!
  • $325/couple (weekly supply for two May 15-Nov. 15) -- that's only $12/week for two people!
  • $650/family of four (weekly supply for four May 15-Nov. 15) -- that's only $24/week for FOUR PEOPLE!

To sign up for Better Farm's CSA, click here for online enrollment. If you would prefer to register through regular mail or in person, download this form and mail or drop it off to us with a check made out to Better Farm.

Those of you with special scheduling needs may contact us for a prorated CSA plan.

Mail to: Better Farm CSA Program, 31060 Cottage Hill Road, Redwood NY, 13679.

We are in the process of accepting SNAP benefits for our CSA program and farm stand. Email for further information.