Why Growing Your Own Grub Is The Best Option For You And Your Family

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There’s something idyllic about the idea of growing your own fruit, yet few of us get round to it. Nowadays, shop bought foods contain more and more unhealthy chemicals. There’s never been a better time to turn your attention to growing your own. Putting in the effort to finally get growing will have an enormous impact on the eating habits of you and your family. Stop putting it off, and plant your veg the next chance you get! There are plenty of ideas for things to grow, all it takes is a little research. If you’re not convinced that the food growing lifestyle is for you, here’s a list of just a few of the benefits on offer.




Even shopping locally can leave you unsure what you’re eating. Not knowing where your produce has come from or where it’s stored leaves a lot of room for doubt. Growing your own erases any worries. You’ll know exactly where your food has been, from the moment it was a seed, to when you dug it up and took it to your kitchen! You only have to take a look at posts like http://www.unsafefoods.com/2016/05/28/costco-listeria-outbreak to get an idea of just how unsafe shop bought food is becoming. Parents have enough to worry about, without having to worry whether they're feeding children the right food. Erase any possibility of getting things wrong by growing food in your garden, safe from anything unpleasant.

Image from  Flickr

Image from Flickr


There’s nothing so satisfying as pulling your finished vegetables out of the soil. Make the vegetable planting a family affair. See the joy on your children’s faces when their veg fully is fully grown! It’s always good to learn a new skill and growing veg reaps rewards with little effort. You’re more likely to cook meals you love when you’re invested in the ingredients, too.

Image from  Wikimedia

Image from Wikimedia


Growing your fruit and veg offers you a world of convenience. No longer will you have to go to the store for every meal. Who likes doing food shops, anyway? You’ll be able to decide what you want on the day and pop into the garden to get the ingredients. It’s as easy as that! Consider which vegetables are in season at each time of year. Organize your meals around what you have available. This may take a while to adjust to, as we’re used to having out of season veg at all times. Even so, it won’t take long for you to get used to only using what you’ve got.


Getting up close and personal with the veg you grow will give you a much greater knowledge of the food you eat. You should know as much as possible about everything you’re putting into your body! You’ll learn what time of year to plant which vegetables, and which conditions are best for them. Taking a look at sites like www.pippagreenwood.com will give you an idea of the types of vegetables you could be working with.