It's A Farm Stock Life! The Trend For Organic Produce

Jun Seita/ Flickr

Jun Seita/Flickr

It has never been trendier to be part of the farming community. With the amount of press about organic produce and living sustainable lives while also being as eco-friendly and reducing your carbon footprint. These things have never been more important.  With the focus in diet shifting away from eating high amounts of carbs, to eating what we had over 100 years ago, it has put the spotlight firmly on farms,  farming practices and the diet of a typical farmer. Let’s have a look and how diet and food culture has focused in on farms and has made it popular again.

The Case for the High-Fat Diet

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There is lots of talk about how the dietary advice we've been listening to for the past few decades might be wrong. Previously we have been told about eating lots of carbs for energy, a moderate amount of protein, and plenty of fruit and vegetables. Now they are saying that eating the right types of fat, such as organically farmed animal fat, is now very good for us. It has become a popular discussion on health podcasts and is heavily touted by biohackers such as Dave Asprey.  His philosophy is that you should be eating mainly fat, a moderate amount of protein, and a very minimal amount of carbohydrates, per day. He also invented a beverage which is made to be blended with butter, and so the Bulletproof coffee was born. A cornerstone of the “Bulletproof diet” is eating organically farmed meat. Cattle that was fed on grass, as well as cows that feed on grass to produce organic butter.

Is It So Unhealthy?

While all this advice goes firmly against the advice of standard health organizations, it isn't that much different to how we ate many many years ago. The diet promotes a high amount of vegetables, a good portion of meat and limited carbs. Although there are days where you load up on carbs, such as potatoes. The difference now compared to 100 years ago is that we need a more sedentary life. We do not go out to work all day in the fields. The benefits of working on a farm are that you burn off any excess energy i.e. fat. Most people do not, which gives way to conditions like diabetes and obesity.

While this high fat diet sounds dangerous, it isn't anything different to a typical farm diet.

The Farmers Market Trend

More so nowadays people want to know where their products come from. People are bypassing the traditional shopping methods and going straight to the Farmers Market. This has a benefit for farm owners and people trying to find a local farm   to buy their produce from. This does wonders for reducing carbon footprint and also promotes local businesses. The hunt for being truly organic has made people question what's in their popular brands. As a result, people are going and supporting locally sourced animals and vegetables.

With the case for organic food being stronger than ever, people are turning to farms for their dietary needs. And it won’t go away anytime soon!