Better Radio to Launch at Better Festival this Saturday!

View of Better Radio's tower. Photo/Lee Runge

View of Better Radio's tower. Photo/Lee Runge

Better Radio launches this Saturday at Better Festival with live broadcasts of musical acts, interviews with festival attendees, and commentary from some of our new show hosts.

The live broadcast will be available locally on WBTS 88.5 FM—or drop in at Better Festival and be part of history being made!

Better Radio is a low-power FM station run and managed by betterArts out of its location at Better Farm in Redwood. That station, in conjunction with betterArts' website, will provide content to individuals living locally (via WBTS 88.5 FM) and worldwide (via podcasts, live streaming, and sound files). Click here for more information about this project.

Musical Acts to be Featured at Better Festival

With commentary From

  • Walter Dutcher
  • Nicole Caldwell
  • Better Radio committee members
  • Various Better Radio show hosts

Better Festival begins at 12 p.m. Saturday, June 20. Musicians interested in having their original recordings played on WBTS 88.5 FM should email or mail demos to Better Radio, 31060 Cottage Hill Road, Redwood. Any volunteers interested in making a broadcast or hosting a show can email for more information.