Seed Sharing

Heirloom seeds sent to Better Farm by miranda THomas.

Heirloom seeds sent to Better Farm by miranda THomas.

Each year, Better Farm experiments with saving some seeds for the following season—but as our operation grows, we've also been contacted by outside grow operations about expanding other heirloom plant genetics. We LOVE seed-sharing at Better Farm, so it was such a treat to be contacted by Miranda Thomas in Adams, N.Y., who came into large quantities of beautiful, heirloom seeds and decided to share them with us.

Miranda shipped those seeds to us in Redwood: mammoth red sugar beets, goliath corn, and bloody butcher corn. She'd bought the heirloom op field corn seed. Then she was gifted a downstate farmer's personal stash of bloody butcher ("He asked that I help spread it amongst those who would seek to preserve it," Miranda told us).

Of her generous gift, Miranda had this to say: "Thank  you for helping me to keep the preservation of these seeds genetics moving forward!"

Big thanks to Miranda for making expanding the reach of beautiful, heirloom seeds. Better Farm loves you.

To learn more about saving and sharing heirloom seeds, click here.


Nicole Caldwell

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