Spotlight On: Ways of Living

We were visited in September by Jesse and Harper, two women in the midst of making a documentary called Ways of Living about sustainable, communal living. The video is due out in 2015.

The women have completed their travels throughout the east coast and are in the editing phase of their project. They need your help! Click here to check out their Indiegogo campaign and find out how you can show your support.

Here's the film treatment:

Here's some more about the project: 

In March Jess left the UK to join Harper on a pilgrimage of America's East Coast, stopping off at farms, eco-villages, and intentional communities. We had the aspiration to film a documentary about sustainable, communal living in 2014 - I don't think either of us were sure if communes still even existed before researching this trip, but in the back of our minds we yearned to discover alternative ways of living. We wanted to know about spirituality as a daily life choice, about ways we can reduce our impact on the earth's resources, and how we can teach each other to love more profoundly. Is it easy to live this way in 2014?

At the start, we thought maybe we'd learn some tips for energy saving, meet a few nice folk, edit something together, and return to life. But as we drove - and continue to drive - from place to place, we encounter an energy rising in us that reflects an undeniable shift in our own consciousness. It becomes clearer all the time why we are on this journey, and what we have learned so far has exceeded our expectations in every way. The people we have met have shown us how basically good humans are, and how willing we are to help one another. Countless folks have placed hot meals in front of us, cleared space for us to sleep, and sent us on our ways with homegrown produce and care packages. Through speaking with so many passionately educated eco-activists, we have learned so much about caring for the environment, foraging, and growing food. This rise in anima/feminine energy leaves us feeling so positive about the actions that many people are making. This world is NOT a lost cause!
Let's Help Each Other
We desperately need your support - financial and otherwise - to help us turn this archive of unbelievable, positive footage into a beautiful, artistic documentary about living and loving today.  

All funding goes towards the production costs - travel expenses, video and audio equipment, and editing. Contributors will receive a free copy of the finished film, as well as being kept in the loop with our progress. You are helping raise consciousness and spread awareness of different ways of living in an attempt to make this world a better and more sustainable community!

Thank You Humans

Please spread the word! If money isn't flowing for you right now, we equally need your help in getting our message out there. 

Let's remind the world that it isn't too late to make strong positive change. 
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"Look. This is your world! You can't not look. There is no other world. This is your world; it is your feast. You inherited this; you inherited these eyeballs; you inherited this world of colour. Look at the greatness of the whole thing. Look! Don't hesitate - look! Open your eyes. Don't blink, and look, look - look further."
- Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche.

Nicole Caldwell

Nicole Caldwell is a self-taught environmentalist, green-living savant and sustainability educator with more than a decade of professional writing experience. She is also the co-founder of Better Farm and president of betterArts. Nicole’s work has been featured in Mother Earth News, Reader’s Digest, Time Out New York, and many other publications. Her first book, Better: The Everyday Art of Sustainable Living, is due out this July through New Society Publishers.