DIY Granola

At Better Farm, we make every effort to buy ingredients as opposed to pre-made, processed foods. By learning to create our own dishes, breads, and other products, we can control what is in our food and ensure only the healthiest, best ingredients make it to our table. Our latest "from-scratch" effort was to make granola.

First, we gathered our ingredients: oats, dried cranberries, almonds, dried apricots, salt, oil, honey, and molasses. There's no exact list of ingredients you need; this is all about what you like! NO matter what ingredients you pick, here's the basic tutorial on making the granola:
  • Turn the oven on to 350 
  • In a large bowl, mix all your dried ingredients
  • Add wet ingredients (you will know you've added enough when the mixture begins to clump)
  • Pour the mixture onto a greased cookie sheet and press it down into all the corners.
  • Bake for 12 minutes
  • Take out the tray and mix up the granola, then return the tray to the oven
  • Bake until the granola is golden-brown
  • Enjoy with yogurt, milk, soy or almond milk!